Our Mission and Plan


WorldFlix Entertainment Management (WEM) understands we live in an ‘Ideas World’ where the Creative is at the very center of any film endeavor.

WEM is a global enterprise managing film artists’ worldwide from India, North America, US and Europe as a result there are no boundaries. We are a collective forum of unique thinkers ranging from producers; directors; actors; writers; composers; director of photography; production designers; editors and costume designers we embrace inspired thought and pioneering movies.

WEM understands the international marketplace, having developed diverse projects in China, India, UAE, Scandinavia, Malaysian, US and North American markets. Therefore our belief system is simple: develop award winning and unique stories for a diverse international market place, packaging visionary award winning filmmakers with bankable foreign sales markets. As a result we are a film and television management agency dedicated to developing the careers of filmmaker’s both in front and behind the camera.

As part of our company’s foundation were are now acquiring and adapting literary properties and original published works for the big and small screen.

Based in Palm Springs and Los Angeles, California, WEM develops finances and produces feature films and television productions for both the domestic and the international marketplaces.

Another major component of WEM is to connect Hollywood with technology by partnering with technology clients and connecting Startups with Hollywood.

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